A trippy fractal animation

2016-01-06 22:45:41 by sapoman

Here's a trippy fractal animation I created with Mandelbulb 3d.  




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2016-01-07 03:15:14

Holy cat's testicles, that's fucking wicked. Looks like you figured out the code to build the ship from Alien (and Aliens)! Shame the framerate's a bit off, any way you can pre-render it a bit more? Maybe lock the FR really slow, capture, then speed it up with a video editing program?

sapoman responds:

Yeah, I think I can actually get the render right on, but I did this one in pieces. I can also raise the number of pixels to make it sharper. I will be doing some more expiriments with it, soon. Thanks for the suggestions!!


2016-01-20 21:23:28

Really is an amazing visual of some advanced compound equations, never ceases to fascinate.

sapoman responds:

Thanks! I am still working on some new stuff. I'll post it here when I'm done.