Headlights Shining

2013-01-20 14:51:51 by sapoman

A creepy song to help you sleep at night.


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2013-01-20 16:19:13

It's not the sleeping that's a problem.. it's the waking up to bizzaro world that gets me pissed off.
Nice song. Sounds like it was scored to curdle milk, but still has excellent qualities.
The video isn't scary, but the ppl in the McMansions are :|

sapoman responds:

Thanks. The world does suck sometimes, but I escape into music and creativity when I have the time. Its the only thing that keeps me sane.


2013-05-29 22:59:10

Pretty soon, it'd be four years since you joined.. plenty of musicians around here, you talk to any of them? I'm damn close to http://destrayop.newgrounds.com/ and http://viper50.newgrounds.com/ and they both play the six-string, heh, including http://six-string-ally.newgrounds.com/

sapoman responds:

Yeah, I talk to Anchorwind, belial216, and fire118. I'll check out those friends of yours when I get a chance. Perhaps they would like to collaborate.